The Importance of Poetry to Humanity

Poetry has been making the world more beautiful since time immemorial. It is, in essence, a form of literature that uses aesthetic qualities of language to elicit emotions and meanings in addition to the prosaic ostensible meaning of words or group of words. Poetry has a long history. It is an art form that even predates written text, and is believed to have been recited or sung at its earliest use.

As the world changes, poetry also undergoes a series of development or transformation. At present, poetry already comes in different forms and styles. Even the kinds of words that most poets use nowadays seem to have caught up with the changing times as well. Nonetheless, the very essence of poetry remains. Its importance to people has not fallen off.

The importance of poetry continues to be seen in the numerous lovely poems that blossom today. The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum contains many examples of these riveting and meaningful poems written by the modern-day poets. It is a book of poetry that talks about love in all its forms – romantic love, familial love, godly love, and more. In general, The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum uses the power of poetry to make people reflect upon the significance of love and life.

To know more about why poems remain to be well-loved works of literature today, below are some of the basic reasons behind the importance of poetry to humanity.

Poetry helps develop skills

The use of poetry can greatly help develop and nurture such skills as writing and speaking. When people write poems, they tend to expand their literary knowledge and use it to come up with a more beautiful work of literature. Poetry requires people to learn the rules for writing, so they can break them with poems. This where people can give writing alternative beauty.

On the other hand, when people speak poetry aloud with its beat, rhythm, and rhyme, their tongues tend to loosen, which creates a firm foundation for verbal communication. In much the same way that vocalizing helps singers improve their voices and ability to reach notes, speaking poetry helps poets enhance their pronunciation, diction, and overall ability to speak.

Poetry encourages creative thinking

Poetry is a form of expression. It provides a creative space where ideas can be expanded as far as they can go. When people write poems, they have the creative freedom to express their emotions and thoughts in whatever way they want. For the readers, on the other hand, reading poetry stimulates their minds and imagination. It also helps them connect and find meanings in their personal experiences.

To put it simply, poetry encourages creative thinking. Especially for writers, writing poems can be such an exciting and liberating undertaking. There is not much barricades in writing poetry. People can freely explore the depth and extent of their creativity and imagination. Thus, to immerse oneself in the beauty of poetry is one of the best ways to grow in the creative world.

Poetry helps people understand the world

Reading and writing poetry can give people the enhanced ability to understand not just themselves, but also other people and the world in which they live. In essence, poetry is a collection of knowledge and experiences crafted together in the most creative way possible. Poets talk about a wide range of topics in their poems. Things such as love, courage, hope, grief, and even social injustice are widely talked about in poetry, which makes it an ultimate source for learning.

In life wherein miscommunication and misunderstanding are common, poetry also helps people find a middle ground. It provides a platform where poets can tackle issues on a creative and deep but comprehensible manner – to make people pay attention, understand, and take home with them whatever they learn after reading. Most importantly, poetry cultivates empathy among people. Poems do not just make people think; it also makes them feel.

In summary, the importance of poetry to humanity is unquestionable. Poetry, in its very essence, helps people become better individuals. It helps them develop their skills, maximize their creativity, and understand the world around them. Indeed, as Christopher Fry has put it, “Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement.” Poetry books such as The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum then serve as a hub of all of these beautiful explorations.

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